China is a global economic powerhouse and continues to become more and more relevant to the success of U.S. corporations. Avela will help you harness the amazing potential that exists there, and direct your resources in the ways that make the most sense for your company. We’ll help you lay a solid foundation from the very beginning, so your entry into China will be a seamless one. Entrusting the oversight of your China sourcing management to Avela, experts in China sourcing, will allow you and your team to focus on what you do best – product development, marketing, and sales.

Doing business in a foreign country can be a daunting challenge even for the most well-staffed and well-financed of corporations. Going it alone as an individual seeking to source products overseas in China — with its population of more than 1.3 billion and a culture that is dramatically different than that in the U.S. —would overwhelm even the most motivated and capable inventor.