The success of any corporation depends upon its people – having a solid team in place, each member of which plays an integral role in achieving greatness for the entire organization. Avela Corp. wants to oversee your China business team by helping you define a concise strategy for doing business in China, and then helping you execute that strategy one step at a time.

China is a global economic powerhouse and continues to become more and more relevant to the success of U.S. corporations. Avela will help you harness the amazing potential that exists there, and direct your resources in the ways that make the most sense for your company. We’ll help you lay a solid foundation from the very beginning, so your entry into China will be a seamless one. Entrusting the oversight of your China sourcing management to Avela, experts in China sourcing, will allow you and your team to focus on what you do best – product development, marketing, and sales.

Here’s what Avela will do for you.

Step 1: We’ll sit down with you and determine if your business should be doing business in China. Do you have adequate distribution? Before China sourcing makes sense, you’ll need distribution channels that can move large volumes of products. Do you have adequate cash flow? China inventories almost nothing; most goods are made-to-order and the payment terms can be challenging – typically 30% to begin an order, and 70% before shipping. Do you have time? Expect 2 weeks for a factory to order materials, 6 weeks to manufacture, and a month to ship for a total of 2 to 3 months before you receive your goods.

Step 2: Assuming your company is a good candidate to move forward, Avela will analyze how best your company can incorporate China into its business strategy.

Step 3: We’ll do the due diligence by identifying potential Chinese partners and/or customers for your project, serving as the go-between as you ultimately choose the right partners, and then overseeing all of the logistical concerns including distribution, legal, and financial details.

Step 4: We’ll oversee the manufacturing of your products and/or the distribution of your U.S. products being imported into China and we’ll strategize with you every step of the way. Our intimate knowledge of the local market will help your project run smoothly. We’ll monitor everything regularly and consistently evaluate quality control measures.

If you are ready to get serious about doing business in China, contact us today for a free consulation.