My 33rd Sourcing trip to China

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I mentioned in my last blog that this will be my 33rd trip to China since the fall of 2001, and I am as excited about this trip as I was on my first trip. So it begs the question; why?

First, the family reasons. I took my son to Shanghai on spring break in 2002. To make a long story short, after  4 years of long distance dating, he married a wonderful Shanghai girl Eva Wu. So I have family in China.

Son Scott and Eva- Honeymoon Jan 2007
My In-laws- Shanghai 2008

And it is so interesting to experience how the language barrier is easily overcome within family. You become so sensitive to eye contact and body language. I could write several chapters on this amazing experience alone.

Next, the the business reasons. Not only is China the most happening place on the planet, but I have made good friends over the years that I get excited about visiting with them again. Then there are the new people I will meet on this trip and the budding relationships that will become stronger by reconnecting. So when I think about it, it is not just the culture or food, although those are huge bonuses, it is connecting with the people of China. I guess I find the idea of making international connection half way around the world as very cool.  Sourcing products and services in China is a very cool job. How about you? Do you find connecting with people on the other side of the planet as cool as I do? If so, tell my why.

Ray (former partner) Emma and baby Sarah, my unofficial God-daughter
Close Friend Mr. Zhang, CEO of Artificial Stone factory and family
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Gary Young: Founder, President and CEO of the Avela Corporation Gary Young CEO of the Avela Corporation helps companies source produces and services in China with offices in Houston and Shanghai since 2002. Mr. Young’s experience extends from sourcing both commodities and unique OEM opportunities, to intense product development projects. His relationship with China extends into his personal life with his daughter-in-law Eva who is from Shanghai and the newest addition to the family Aiden ,who is presently learning English, Mandarin and Shanghainese. Mr. Young is a Vistage Member since 2001.

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