U.S. Office — Houston, Texas


Gary Young
President and CEO

Gary Young received his Bachelor of Science from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. After gaining a real-world education serving in leadership capacities for various companies, Mr. Young launched his own company in 1984, Vela Productions, which specialized in educational publishing. He then launched a second company in 1988, Ad Lib, a boutique advertising agency.

Mr. Young operated both ventures separately, until merging the two in 1996 to create a full-service advertising agency called Avela Corporation. The name derives from the “A” in Ad Lib followed by “Vela,” the name of his first business. Avela Corp.

When Young visited China in 2002, he had no idea that the visit would change the course of his life and the direction of his company. Captivated by the Chinese culture and the country’s business dynamic, Young transformed Avela Corporation from an ad agency to a company that would source products and services for his existing ad-agency customer base. Since then, his list of clientele has grown tremendously, as has his knowledge of and appreciation of China, its people, and its customs.

Mr. Young is married with three adult sons, all of whom are electrical engineers. He is a member of Vistage International; enjoys dividing time between his home bases of Houston, Texas, and Shanghai; is a seasoned world traveler, and is an avid reader of science and technology literature.



Jiali Brady
Operations Administrator – Houston

Jiali Brady joined Avela in 2011. In her role as Operations Administrator, Ms. Brady oversees the operations and progress of all projects and serves as an intermediary between Chinese companies and their U.S. clients. Ms. Brady has been instrumental in improving efficiency and increasing profits.

Ms. Brady completed her studies in France and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Prior to coming to the United States to work for Avela, she lived and worked in China for 5 years, where she became an expert in the intricacies of China sourcing. Her experience living and working in France, China, and the United States and her fluency in French, Chinese, and English give her a global perspective and the ability to relate with and communicate with manufacturers and customers.

A newcomer to the United States, Ms. Brady has appreciated the warm welcome she has received and enjoys the relaxed Texas lifestyle.

China Office —Shanghai

Nancy Li

Chief Representative – Shanghai

Ms. Li joined Avela in 2012, with the important job of establishing, staffing, and overseeing the day to day operations of Avela’s Shanghai office. Ms. Li communicates regularly with Mr. Young and Ms. Brady in Houston, and together they ensure that all projects run smoothly, efficiently, and within budget.

Ms. Li received her RHW Bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Normal University. Born, raised, and educated in Shanghai, Ms. Li is intimately familiar with the local culture and customs, and ideally suited to run Avela’s Chinese operations. In addition to enjoying her adorable son, who was born in 2011, she enjoys sports, traveling, and music.

Elaine Wong
Accounting and Sourcing Specialist – Shanghai

Ms. Wong has been with Avela Corp. since 2008. In addition to establishing Avela’s accounting and finance system, she also is a China sourcing specialist. She has successfully sourced all kinds of products for customers, products such as furniture, seasonings, and porcelain, wooden, plastic, and glass goods. Ms. Wong enjoys the challenge of finding just the right fit for companies seeking to take advantage of China’s vast manufacturing infrastructure to increase their profitability. She takes pride in helping her customers succeed in reaching their goals.

Echo Li

Logistics and Sourcing Specialist – Shanghai

Ms. Li has worked for Avela since 2007, and created Avela's logistics system. She is an expert in ensuring that products get from Point A to Point B quickly and cost-effectively, and that shipments reach clients’ final destinations on time and in excellent condition. Additionally, Ms. Li sources products for customers. She completed her advanced degree at Jinan University, where she majored in composite materials.

Steven Zhang
Sourcing & Quality Control Manager – Shanghai

Mr. Zhang joined Avela in 2012 and is responsible for quality control oversight. With 6 years experience in SGS and ITS and more than 1,000 factory visits under his belt, he is the ideal person to make sure that quality of sourced products for Avela’s customers is always outstanding. He also keeps tabs on the changing regulations in China that affect China sourcing.

Mr. Zhang received his Bachelor’s Degree in engineering from Shanghai University of Electric Power.