Introduction to Avela’s Sourcing Stages

Sourcing manufacturing in China need not be a mysterious and worrisome task. With offices in Houston and Shanghai, Avela can bridge cultural and language barriers so that you can do business half a world away!

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The Development Stage

Have a great idea for a product and a business plan and working capital to take the next step? Avela can help with product development, specifications, packaging… everything it takes to get your product ready for manufacturing.

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The Entry Stage

Your product is ready to manufacture, you just need to find the right factory in China. Avela’s expert staff is ready to scour China on your behalf to find the factory that is the right fit for you needs! We also negotiate for your best deal!

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Sourcing Management

O.K, your manufacturing is in process, but you need to have someone in country to provide quality control, verify compliance or simply make sure all is running smoothly. Avela has the knowledge and experience to see the process through!

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Perhaps you are already manufacturing in China, but for some reason you are not satisfied with the way things are going. It’s hard to get to the bottom of things when you are half a world away—unless you have Avela as your boots on the ground in China!

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