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Well usually my mind is on all things China. China Sourcing of products and services is all I think about. But at this time in the holiday season, I like to take a break from sourcing and think about what is most important this time of year. And of course that is family. The latest addition to our family is my daughter-in-law Eva. She is actually from Shanghai. Some people ask in jest if I sourced a bride for my son Scott. It is a long a beautiful Cinderella story for another time.


Eva and Scott











In-laws- Eva's Dad, Mom, Me, Grandma and Grandpa

Eva has shared 3 Christmases with us here in Houston but is back home in Shanghai with her parents, grand parents and family this Holiday season. And Christmas will not seem the same without her this year. So I just wanted to say; Eva, we miss you!

Now we are planning our great Christmas feast. And as I was updating my YouTube Channel the other day, I came across a little video I made months ago of a typical outdoor food market in downtown Shanghai. It reminded me how meals, cooking and family are so important in China and how we seem to have lost that part of our culture. (to some degree) That is accept at Holiday times.

So enjoy the short video of a Shanghai food market while you think of family both present and absent and that wonderful Holiday meal I am sure you are planning.

Happy Holidays to everyone. And a bountiful new year to all.


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Gary Young: Founder, President and CEO of the Avela Corporation Gary Young CEO of the Avela Corporation helps companies source produces and services in China with offices in Houston and Shanghai since 2002. Mr. Young’s experience extends from sourcing both commodities and unique OEM opportunities, to intense product development projects. His relationship with China extends into his personal life with his daughter-in-law Eva who is from Shanghai and the newest addition to the family Aiden ,who is presently learning English, Mandarin and Shanghainese. Mr. Young is a Vistage Member since 2001.

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