A Ship in Port is Safe vs China Sourcing

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“A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things.” – Admiral Grace Hopper:

Are you setting sail or looking for safe harbor?
It reminded me about the reason I got into sourcing in China, but more importantly it relates to todays economy and what CEOs are planning to deal with this uncertain future. Many are setting out to sea and chartering courses to places like China, India, Mexico and Brazil.

Your interpreter may speak Chinglish

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I am already thinking about the fall session of the Canton Fair.  http://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en/index.asp 1,130,000 M2 of exhibit space; 56,915 standard booths I love the energy and there is so much to learn with each session. It really stimulates my creativity, sense of adventure and I always come up with a new idea or two for my clients. I will go … Read More

Feet on the Ground in China

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But as it relates to sourcing products and services in China, our meaning is a bit more literal. We have feet on the ground. We have people in China. We have an established presence. This does not mean “I know a guy” or “we have contacts” in China. So what are the advantages of feet on the ground? Here are just five.

Are you a Tourist or a Traveler?

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I do a lot of traveling back and forth from Houston to Shanghai as part of my job as CEO of Avela Corporation. My trips involve traveling with clients to do final negotiation on sourcing deals that the Shanghai office has spent weeks and months setting up. Our travels take us to all parts of China, from futuristic mega-cities like … Read More

Hitchcock and Sourcing in China

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I had an odd thought develop on my way from Shanghai to Guangzhou; comparing sourcing in China to one of my favorite film directors, Alfred Hitchcock. I was traveling to a factory that I have worked with for four years, to inspect a new item that had never been produced before. I have a very comfortable and easy relationship with … Read More

Why Not Source China over the Net?

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There are serious direct to factory portals to Chinese factories on the web like  www.alibaba.com andwww.made-in-china.com. So why would a resourceful, entrepreneurial CEO want to use a sourcing service like Avela Corporation when they can make the direct contacts themselves? The same reason you hire a consultant when you are not operating within your core competency. We have feet on the … Read More

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